Circa Antiques in Atlanta

When asking around Peach Tree City in Atlanta about good antique stores to visit the first response was a quick one…Circa Antiques.  Other suggestions were made but everybody’s first reply was the same!

Just south Atlanta they are located in the historic business district of Tyrone.  

I knew I was in love when I walked in the door.  In spite of the fact they were in the middle of a huge reset, the place was a feast for my eyes.  Walking around I figured out it was a shop with booths, but at first (and second) glance I would have never guessed it.  The look of the entire business is so beautifully cohesive.  

They have a mix of old and new, funky and fun. Personally I love eclectic.  This store truly is just that.  


A mix of both old and new.

One of their unique attributes is they have many refreshed or reworked pieces of furniture they have left unfinished. Although many prefer the gorgeous stripped and bleached furniture just as it is, Circa also offers to customize those pieces for the individual client.

Take note that you want to plan time to enjoy the charming coffee house and dessert bistro.  We only had time for coffee on the go but we would have loved to sit and try some dessert as well! 

I guess that just means we will have to go back again.  I really can't wait!

Circa Antiques and Coffee House
Lisa Lytle
856 Senoia Rd. 
Tyrone, GA 30290
Hours: M-Sat.10-6 and Sun.1-5

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