Indianapolis, Indiana

I was reluctant to go.  My husband had a conference in Indianapolis and he wanted me to join him.  It was a tricky time to leave all the kids and I was being pulled in both directions.  Two wise older friends both told me to go with Taylor...they were soooooo right.

I ended up having two parters in crime for the trip because another wife was going with Taylor's company and my oldest sister was going to to the same conference with her boyfriend.   Although Taylor and I would not be able to spend much time together we were going exploring. Between the three of us ladies we knew absolutely nothing about the city. We were truly on an adventure.


It really is beautiful.  Because we were in a hotel downtown for the convention we spent a lot of time walking.  We happened upon so many gorgeous places just by accident.  We would be going from one spot to the next and would round a corner and be shocked.  It is very much a city for outdoorsy people.  They have several city parks, a zoo and walking paths all over downtown.  

One of the truly unique aspects of this city is the fact that it is possible to walk rain or shine.  If you are staying downtown you can walk all the way through the main part of downtown and never go outside. The buildings are connected by walkways that go over the streets.  And I am not joking, the signage in this city is absolutely the best I have ever seen!


Gems like this stopped me cold in my tracks!  Being a super avid reader this thrills my heart.  It is gorgeous lending library in one of the prettiest parts of the city!  A people that love still my heart.


We literally just HAPPENED UPON THIS!  The city has a canal that winds its way for three miles.  It is beautiful day and night.  The city utilizes this area so well. Concerts and gatherings of all sorts were happening off and on the entire time were were there. 


If you are a coffee lover you do not want to miss Bee Coffee.  I have to be honest.  Because I often get called this name I just HAD to check it out...and get the teeshirt.


Taylor and I celebrated our 21st anniversary while in Indianapolis and I took a shot in the dark and chose Salt on Mass for dinner.  It was absolutely the BEST meal we had the entire trip.  Who would have thought a seafood restaurant in Indiana would be delicious but it was fantastic. They fly their seafood in daily and you can really tell.  When you go...order the sea bass.  You are welcome.  In fact, it was so good I want to head back myself.  

There is one other restaurant that the ladies loved.  We loved it so much that we went back a second time and all ordered the exact same meals we had the day before.  Eiteljorg is the name of the restaurant and it is in Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art with tables that overlook the canal.  My favorite menu choices were the Mojito Watermelon Salad with the California BLT & A (avocado) on the spinach wrap.  Even as I am writing this I am missing this meal...I wonder if they deliver to Tennessee?


 Indianapolis was a great city to visit. Surprises were around every corner. Walking around the city was a delightful experience.