Paige's French Toast

Ingredients : Click HERE for the recipe

Texas toast sized bread or Brioche
4 T half and half cream
2 T International Delight amaretto coffee creamer
1 t vanilla extract
2 eggs
several tablespoons of real butter
powdered sugar

Make an egg bath.  Whisk together eggs, both creams and vanilla extract in a shallow dish for dipping.  Place your bread in and soak it.  Make sure to turn it and coat both sides.  

In a skillet over medium heat melt the butter.  (Real butter or you aren’t living right.) Place the french toast in the melted butter and lightly brown on both sides.  

When it is done remove from the pan and lightly dust with powdered sugar, a dollop of butter and real maple syrup.  

Notes from the chef:

Paige says that she also likes to mix the two creams together to go in hot coffee.  And she also notes that she serves this with fruit bowls, crispy bacon and orange juice.  (You will notice I mentioned these when writing about the meal that she made for me.) She says orange juice and Amaretto French Toast…there is just something about that combination.  

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