The S'more Revisited

The traditional s'more is a perfectly toasted marshmallow (I like mine nearly burned) topped while still hot with a few pieces of Hershey's chocolate, placed between two graham cracker.  

But many have started to make improvements on this iconic dessert.  

Recently in an article Hannah Grimley from Pushing Into Joy shared about some ideas she and her sister-in-law have tried on the s'more.  The following may cause you to start trying your own new ideas!

S'mores Revisited

  • Instead of using the graham crackers try using fudge striped cookies. You can’t go wrong with a fudge striped cookie


  • Her all-time favorite was where they took a strawberry - dipped in chocolate - and then stuck into a roasted marshmallow. To die for!


  • Don’t even get me started on the traditional S’more with fried bacon. Mouth. Watering. Goodness.

Remember if you have a fire going already you could start early at the fire with your dinner.  Steak Kabobs are absolutely mouth-watering and the Grilled Corn on the Cob is the perfect side.

S'mores Revisited

My people have a few ideas to share with you as well.

  • Try a Rolo candy instead of Hersey's.

  • Andes Mints could speak to the mint/chocolate lovers.

  • Have a Girl Scout cookie taste test. Have a cookie bar and let people try and rate their favorites.

  • Add Nutella to the mix. Spread the Nutella over the cracker or cookie to bump it up a notch.

  • If you are a nut fan, try a Snickers or a Baby Ruth for your candy fix.

  • Build your s'more sandwiched in between Rice Crispy Treats.


So you have a new challenge!  What will you and your family create?  Share in the comments below what you try and what you love!  

But one thing is for sure, according to Hannah Grimley, we will always be left wanting s’more.