Fall is for Gathering

Anticipation is in the air.  
Moments of cool breezes come through.  
Colors are beginning to change in some of the trees.  
The water in the lake is getting colder.  
After an extremely hot summer our hearts are being wooed.

The fall season brings something that is needed.  It is a time of bringing people together.   Summer is wide open with long days and lots of sunshine.  People are out and about, having lots of fun.  It is a special season.  But after long days of lots to do and staying very busy, fall brings people closer.  People gather on porches and swing.  Campfires are enjoyable and welcoming. Blankets are pulled out and shared.  Soups are on the stove. And people are much more likely to relax around the table, after the meal, to visit because it is already growing dark outside. 


In the South there are some neighbors who hid inside or in the shade during the heat and humidity who now come out and take walks. Some people greet one another for the first time in months. They have been busy or trying to beat the heat. They are more willing to stop. They are out not just to exercise but because they want to be outside.

Each season has beauty, but Fall's beauty is exceptional.  The trees that were lush and green and all blended together begin to pop with their own individual beauty.  Instead of seeing all the trees as a mass of green they can be seen separately. Look at that yellow one!  Look at the orange one right beside that deep red! The change in the intensity of the sun makes the same trees appear different. Trees actually change right before our very eyes as they cycle through this season. 


It may be that this picture of the trees is a metaphor for what we look like to each other during this season.  Because we are pulling in and getting together more,  we begin to see each other in different lights.  We do not just see each other as a group gathered at a sporting event or the pool.  We slow down and sit down. During this time we become aware of the unique beauty each person brings to the table or around a campfire.  We take time to check in and check up.  We get close and relax.


So as we head into this new season we have an invitation to the table or the porch.  The challenge before us is to think about those who are near and dear to us. Who have we not spent time with lately.  We can brew some coffee and gather.  

Maybe there are some people God is laying on your heart who have not received an invitation into relationship lately.  We can encourage them. Just a simple invitation to have soup together can be a game-changer in a person’s life.

Maybe our own family is in need of gathering. We can invite them to the table with their favorites treats or meal.  Laying cell phones aside we can talk undistracted. If there are a lot of little ones maybe we can each share a joke or a favorite song. Just sharing and laughing is good for the heart.

Whatever the situation we need to remember that this is an opportunity to slow down.  Resist the urge to run to and fro.  This is a time to stop and sit.  Listen and talk.  The listening is to let others be heard, and the talking is to allow ourselves to be known.  Both of these are gifts.
There is no hurry.  
Grab a blanket to share.
More wood can be thrown on the fire. 

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