Daily Affirmations

Over the last year I have been learning so much about affirmations.  It is true, "The power of life and death are in the tongue." Unfortunately, often times we err on the side of death when choosing our words. 

What we say matters.  

Whoever came up with the saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me," did not know what they were talking about.  Tons and tons of damage has been done in the hearts of people BECAUSE of words.

It is time to take back those "years the locusts have eaten away" and begin to be personally powerful with our words.  Regardless of what another person chooses to do with his/her words we can begin to make a difference in our own lives through affirmation.

I wrote a prayer of affirmations for creatives that I shared on the YWAM Sydney website and you can go HERE to read it under the link entitled "YWAM Guest Post".  It is specifically for people whose careers are creative (by the way that could be anybody.) 

Daily Affirmations


20 Daily Affirmations (click Here for Printable)

  • My prayers matter. They are powerful.

  • I will trust in the Lord with all my heart and I "above all else" will guard my heart because it is valuable.

  • God is the God of Peace and because of the Holy Spirit lives in me I have peace.

  • My peace is a powerful tool created to make a difference.

  • God loves me so much and I get to be his child.

  • God looks at me and is pleased. Jesus did all that needed to be done for my righteousness through Him to be complete.

  • I will believe the best about myself because He believe in Me.

  • I will always seek to see others the way God see them.

  • The One who is in me is far greater/stronger than anything in this world.

  • I will not be afraid. No longer will I partner with fear. Fear no longer has a say in my life.

  • My mind is important, but I also value my heart, emotions, feelings...all of myself equally.

  • I speak to any mountain before me: lack, stress, anger, resentment, bitterness, depression, worry and I cast it in the sea. My Father is bigger than any mountain.

  • I am powerful. I have choices. I will make them wisely and no longer will I bow my knee at the feet of the god of powerless/victim living.

  • I am chosen. He picked me for the team. I have been set apart. I have value for these reasons. Because God values me, I will value myself.

  • Because the Creator made me I am creative. I can/will impact the culture around me with solutions that will make a difference.

  • The truth will set me free. The bonds of this world won't hold me back anymore.

  • I will thrive in spite of the circumstances around me because I am defined by who I am, not by what happens to me.

  • I am grateful and thankful. There are so many things to rejoice about. I will not waste time complaining.

  • I love life. I get to live here and make a difference co-laboring with the Lord until I go and be with him forever. I win today and in eternity.

  • I am victorious!

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