Moms....Thank You

To all you moms 

You who have wiped the tears from our eyes
The snot off our noses
As well as wiping a lot of unmentionable stuff

You sat with us when we were hurting
Prayed for us when we were stupid (or someone was stupid to us)
Taught us in our Sunday School classes--even though the last thing you wanted to do was prepare a lesson for sleepy, grumpy teenagers
Took us shopping to the stores we INSISTED on going to
to buy us the thing we had to have, and would be over before the season ended

You stayed up late with us
Got up early with us
Read to us
Fed us
even considered our picky selves when you bought groceries and planned meals


You believed in us
Told us when we needed the honest truth
Invited our friends in
Loved us when we were far from loveable

You doctored us
You taxied us
You brought all of our forgotten papers, helmets, shoes...
You taught us to care for others

So many of you were single moms raising us, having to do the jobs of both dad and mom.  You did what you had to do and made it over even the largest obstacles.  We are inspired by you.

You laid YOU down for us way too often.  We thank you for caring.

You gave us the very best you could and you cried when the best you had at the time didn't seem So good.  We love you for loving us.

You always wanted the best for us.  The older we got the less room we gave you to offer input.  You let us grow up (and make some mistakes). Now we appreciate you.

moms...thank you

When everybody else or everything else seemed to be against us, you were always for us.

And to beat it all, when we were mad, angry, or hurt who did we take it out on? You loved us in spite of the hurt we caused you.

It wasn't until we began to walk in your shoes that we began to see ourselves in our kids and you in us.  

Waves of appreciation and gratitude well up inside of us as we realize how hard your job has been and how little gratitude you have received. 

Today we all join in one chorus to say the most heartfelt and genuine "THANK YOU" ANYONE has ever written.


I wrote this for my mom, Bettye Labry, who has been all of these things to me an so much more.  

But I also wrote it for all moms.  Wether you are just starting out and are beginning to appreciate your mom more and more...or wether you are our moms who have laid this beautiful path  before us--this is for you. 

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