A Prayer for This Day

Are you wanting to start praying, but not sure where to start?
Do you find yourself struggling to find the words that feel right?
Are you unsure what to do first?

I have written a daily prayer to help you get started. This prayer has been created with you in mind to help you begin. It is to bless your day. It is meant to be general. Feel free to add in your personal specifics as you feel led. Many of these sentences come right from scripture, but in an effort to maintain the flow of the prayer I have not included the references. God loves for us to quote His own words back to Him in prayer!

Be bold and pray this out loud. You don’t have to be loud, but you can be if you are passionate like me. But you can also pray quietly as well. This practice is for our benefit not God’s. It’s good for us to hear ourselves say our prayers.

A Prayer for this Day
  • Lord, I yield this day to You. Even as it starts I lay it at Your feet.

  • My thoughts start to swirl about what is coming during this day. I choose peace. Thank you that You have given me the mind of Christ. I refuse fear and anxiety today. They have already tried to distract me before I have even really started this day. I am not partnering with them. They aren’t from You. I thank you, instead, for the peace that does come from You.

  • As I make decisions about how to spend this day I choose to make them intentionally and purposefully. I am not a victim to whom things happen. I am an overcomer and I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. But I also will hold my plans lightly as I invite You to be my guide.

  • Give me eyes to see the people You highlight to me today. Help me to love them well.

  • I invite You to speak into my work. Give me Your wisdom that You say that You give extravagantly if we ask for it. Thank You for divine solutions to any problem that may arise. Fine tune my ears to Your frequency when I encounter an obstacle.

  • May I not focus on lack but on Your resources. May I utilize the resources I already have wisely. And thank you for creative solutions to increase our income. Give me the wisdom to steward that increase well, in order that I can further the Kingdom.

  • As I reach the end of this day may I lay my head down to rest (all night) and may my focus be on counting the many blessings of this day.

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A Prayer for This Day

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