A Prayer for My Heart

Dear Jesus, thank you so much for coming to earth on my behalf.  Thank you that You made a way for me to come near to You.  You bought my healing when you gave yourself so sacrificially. I want each and every part of what You purchased for me at such a high price.  

Please help me come near to You. Help me to know I do not have to be afraid.  You have invited me to come boldly before Your throne. You love me so dearly, may I grow in my knowledge and understanding of this love everyday.  Help me to “hand You” my fear and discouragement and receive from You peace and courage.

A Prayer for My Heart

Show us what You would like to heal in my heart. When I hear something or see something that hurts me help me to draw near to You. Thank you that I will not let it push me further from the only One who can really help.

Help me to know You want to help.  You aren’t offended by my junk that I bring to you…you love that I come to You.  Help me to trust You to show me how to walk in healing and wholeness. May Your Word come alive to me in this area that I would hear the Truth and it would really set me free.

A Prayer for My Heart

Thank you that You love me so much and You have given me the Holy Spirit as a counselor to guide me.   I am excited about what life is going to be like now.  Healing is so much better than hurting and I want to walk in complete freedom!

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