How to Prepare our Hearts for Easter

Lent…It might seem like a foreign word. Maybe the church you grew up in never even discussed it.  Or maybe you heard about Lent but it seemed strange or odd.  

Even if the word is unfamiliar we can’t let it scare us away.  Lent is an invitation.  But before I discuss this invitation let me share some basic details just to clear the air.  I choose to embrace this 40 days each year because I want to intentionally set aside time in my heart to consider the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.  

Many would say, “But shouldn’t you consider that all year long?”

The answer to that question is an emphatic, “Yes.”  

But it is also ok to dig into certain scriptures over a period of time to go deeper too.  And as a writer and teacher I LOVE that so many in the Body of Christ also choose to turn their hearts and minds to these same passages because it allows for lots of great conversations and growth.  

How to Prepare our Hearts for Easter

Reasons I Revisit the Same Places in Scripture Each Year:

It is effective because the Word is living and active.  I am constantly learning new things from scriptures I have looked at over and over and over.  He shows me new aspects all the time.  It is often like peeling an onion.  The deeper we go the softer my heart gets.  Thrilling.  His heart being revealed to me in a new way, through an old passage, each year is absolutely thrilling to me! 

Also, I like revisiting these stories because I am constantly changing.  So much happens to us in a year’s time.  Who we were last year is not who we are this year.  We grow.  Our soil changes from year to year.  There are lesson we could hear this year that we may not have been ready for last year.

How to Prepare our Hearts for Easter

What I am Trying This Lent

You see, when Jesus died he made a way for us to be able to draw near. The veil and the temple kept us separated from our Father because He knew it would hurt us to draw near Him with our sin. But when Jesus dealt with our sin once and for all that veil tore from top to bottom. Never again would we be separated from our Father. Instead, we are welcomed to draw near. And that is what I want to do this Easter…draw near.

This year is an invitation of sorts.  God has invited me to focus on Him as my good Father and to watch to see how He fathers me.  I have never done this before and am going to be processing it as we go. This truly is going to be an adventure.

Here is the plan:

I am going to watch all around me.
Listen to still small voices and loud booming ones.
Watch my children and nature, and anything else He might use.
See where He might choose to show up. (Especially in those place I might not have watched before.
My feelings are valid and I am going to pay attention to them. Like deep peace, overwhelming joy, sorrow.
As I walk through each day I am going to be looking for the Father.

So I am posturing myself to pay very close attention for 40 days. Wether I am at home, in a store, at church, a ballgame, the movies, or at work I am going to have my “antenna” up. 

Where is God loving me today? Where is He showing up?

I may see Him in the smile of one of our children.
A kind word from a friend.
It may be in a social media share.
Surprisingly an event may take a turn I didn’t expect.
An answered prayer.
A bill gets paid in an unusual way.
Someone offers to help with a task that seemed overwhelming.
An idea pops into my head and I know it wasn’t me.

But here is the kicker.  I am going to write it down.  Each and every day (maybe off and on all day) I am going to make a note of where I have seen His heart caring for mine. And before I go to bed I am going to take a moment to ask Him was there anytime I missed Him.  I will write those down too.  

How to Prepare our Hearts for Easter

I just can’t wait.  At the end of these 40 days I am going to have record of all the places my Dad met me! Just that thought alone makes me think I can do it…and the accountably I now have to all of you.  I will be sharing some of these (but not all…don’t be noisy) with you on Facebook and Instagram.  

And I invite you to join me.  
He wants to show you how much He loves you too.

And don’t forget to invite your children in to this as well.  Explain it to them and you can remind each other to watch and listen.

Take a picture if you see him in a tangible way and share it.  Please tag me in it so that we can encourage each other in this amazing 40 day adventure! 

If you have a desire to grow in your prayer life but you just don’t know where to start try THIS POST. There are also prayers to pray for your family ,and your husband.