You Matter

Did you just cringe?
Shake your head?
Huff in disgust?
Dismiss this title at first glance?

Too often, in Christianity today, we are taught just the opposite.  As if God just wanted obedient robots who fall in line and do only what they are told to do.

Then why in the world did He go to all the trouble of making each of us so uniquely diverse?

  From the prints on the end of our fingers to the basic DNA we are each beautifully different…and that’s for a purpose and  reason.  We each have a compilation of our uniquenesses that compiled together make a  gift to this world that no one else in the entire universe has.  

You are a gift.  
I am a gift.

You Matter

What you bring to the table matters. 

Without you there is a void.  And a cool part is that you GET to play a part.  It’s a divine invitation to co-labor with Jesus. You are needed and this world can be a better place because you are in it.

He looks at you and says,”Baby girl, I knit you together in your mother’s womb.”  (Oh I can tell some of you are recoiling at that thought.  Maybe your circumstances have been harder than hard.)  But regardless of the junk of this messed up world—wether a man or woman wanted you born or not—God did.  He loves you and He always has.  He treasures you in fact.  Has kept your tears in a bottle.  He is with you and loves you.  

But we have to learn to love ourselves too.  

You are here and now for a reason.  There is a purpose for this time and place.  It could be about your home, your block or your neighborhood.  The grocery you frequent or the ball park. Your work or your creativity. Everywhere your reach extends has potential. You can carry the aroma of the kingdom of God and represent Him as an ambassador in all your places and spaces.

You Matter

You might think, “But what can I really do?”

You can stop.  Take a moment to talk to someone who needs to be seen and heard. You can hug an elderly neighbor who may have not been hugged all week.  You can ask the Lord to highlight someone at the grocery who needs a bit of encouragement.  There are people all around you who feel invisible and think no one cares.  

A dear elderly lady we know, who couldn’t get out of her house very often, sat at her kitchen table and wrote letters to inmates in prison.  Lives were literally changes through her correspondence.  

Or you could also try:

  • A genuine compliment.

  • Gratitude for a job well done.

  • Look for a kindness shown by another and point it out.

  • Smile right at someone on purpose.

There so so many ways to bless those around us.  We can totally underestimate just how encouraging little things can be.  

And we are called to do them all.  We aren’t the savior of the world…we are just trying to point to Him.  Little steps each day.  

So no matter how loud the enemy’s voice is as he tries to convince you that you don’t matter remember he is a loser.  You were created by the King of Kings and He calls you his child. 

You make a difference.  You matter.

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