Graduation Celebration...Augusta Style

When road-tripping with Nanny to celebrate Mary Taylor's graduation, our first stop was Augusta, Georgia to pick up our last cohort.  On our way to Charleston we stopped to spend the night with Taylor's oldest brother, Bryan's, family and grab his wife Sabrina, before heading further south.

This is what was waiting for Mary Taylor when we arrived...


Have you ever?  

It was so beautiful.  Each spot was similar, but each setting had its own flavor.  The china and the linens were the same but the glasses were mixed and matched. The napkins were absolutely to die for.  Sabrina had gotten these made by Katie Garner in Augusta.  You can find her  @KatieGarner on Instagram.  

Ruby Whitten Pendergrass (our 7 year old niece) played a BIG part in the decorating for the graduation dinner.  She was so very excited to share her hard work with Mary Taylor.  Ruby brought her into the dining room and pointed out all of the details that she did not want her to miss!  


This picture is of their precious girls, Ruby and Claudia Jane. Aren't they precious?

The hydrangeas were absolutely gorgeous.  Sabrina and Bryan's yard is full of them and she brought in the beautiful white roses to add to the mix.  


The graduate was honored so beautifully.

At Mary Taylor's spot was a single stunning white rose to honor the graduate! Her eyes lit up at the beauty set just for her.

The menu was amazing as well.  

Sabrina had asked what Mary Taylor loves to eat and made the menu just for her.  Knowing she likes Mexican food, Sabrina planned to make the sides (black beans and rice) and she decided to order enchiladas from the mennonite bakery in town. 

We don’t have to make every single dish.

Sometimes we think we can't entertain if we aren't the one making every single thing from scratch.  Not true.  Sabrina knew the week would be busy getting ready to go out of town and she outsourced the enchiladas.  Brilliant.

This honoring meal included the honoree’s faves.

Sabrina also made one of Mary Taylor's favorite desserts, Strawberry Cake.  She made Paula Deen's recipe but altered it a bit.   My grandmother's cake is very similar (it just doesn't have 7 cups of confectioners sugar.) Check out Grandmother's Strawberry Cake.

Planning ahead makes a big difference.

One tip that Sabrina shared, that I thought was amazing, was that she made the cake several days before and froze it.  She pulled it out and iced it that morning.  The cake was firmer and easier to ice.  It was beautiful and delicious.  


What a special evening from start to finish!  Mary Taylor was so blessed by Ruby and Sabrina's thoughtfulness!  This picture of Mary Taylor and Sabrina is from our ladies adventure to Charleston.  

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