Bringing People Together

David is one our adopted children, even though he has wonderful parents of his own.  We met at church years ago.  As I sat with him that day and asked questions...he surprised me with his responses.  To this very day he often surprises me.  

We had the privilege of having David live with us for a year.  It is one thing to have a friend over fairly often and a whole completely other thing to have someone live with you.  But David always felt just like family.  He couldn’t have fit in our household any better.  We were sad when it was time for him to go.  

How does time pass so quickly...they were all so young.

How does time pass so quickly...they were all so young.

His thoughtfulness was unbelievable.  

There were times when I would not realize I was running out of something, like dryer sheets, and I would go to use them and a fresh box would be waiting on me.  He would see a need before I would even know I needed it. It was a great picture of our Father in heaven.  

We cooked together.  

Tears are pooling in my eyes as I remember.  As he and I would start cooking the other kids would come to join in...or just come to visit in the kitchen. It was such a fun time and such a blessing to have help.

Gathering in the kitchen is priceless.

Everyone loved a new recipe.  

Both of our boys learned to make several recipes cooking with David.  His orange chicken was a HUGE project.  (That might show up in a recipe post in the future but I have to work up the nerve to try it with out him.) Brady and Shepherd both loved the recipe so much they knew they had to help to make it happen.  

Bringing People Together in the Kitchen

Cooking brings people together.  

Great conversations can happen over chopping and cutting, sautéing and boiling.  My mother-in-love has great stories about recipes she cooked with David for our Tuesday night meal night...their wallpaper paste pie story is the best! (that post is going to be hilarious.)

David is in medical school now and his visits have to be few and far between. He came home a few weeks ago and OF COURSE we cooked together...his Chicken Fajita recipe, in fact.  I tried to get him to let me take action shots for this post, but I could tell that was not his favorite idea.  He is a behind the scenes kind of guy.  

Gathering in the kitchen, using a great recipe, can bring people together in a way that you never would have expected! Head on over to our RECIPES section and check out our delicious options.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram as we often share stories on our Instagram story when we are trying out a recipe! 

One tip I have learned is that if you are going to have several people working together in the kitchen you need lots of sharp knives and several cutting boards. We never seemed to have enough when making a big family meal.

We met David and many of his friends by reaching out to college students.  If this is an idea you might be interested in check out this article that will give you lots of tips to make college ministry easy.  10 Fun and Easy Ideas for Reaching College Students is full of great ideas!  

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