Valentine's Invitation to Show Some Love

Valentine’s Day can bring a myriad of emotions. You may love it or hate it for a variety of reasons. You may feel very loved this day and it brings you great joy or you may feel unloved and you despise its existence. But wherever you stand with it this year I want to propose something to you.

I am extending you a challenge. You are welcome.

This year I want each one of us to think of someone to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t have to be right on the day if that is not the best for you…but near it. To make it easy I am laying out a few easy steps.

Valentine's Day and invitation to Show Some Love

Step One

Pray and ask the Lord to highlight someone to you, someone who needs extra love and attention at this time. Now understand…some of you may be surprised. By your way of thinking that person might even be the last one you would have thought of on your own. You might wrestle a bit thinking that you might feel silly because they would surely know how loved they are. But if you stumble here stop and consider a recent widow or widower.

Step Two

Ask Him just how He wants you to love on them. Maybe it is that they need a small gift just to know they are thought about and considered. Or maybe they need a little time. Take a couple of cupcake and some coffees to drink. Or maybe they long to join in a family meal. Set another place at the table and have that person over for dinner. It could even be a card in the mail.

Valentine's Day is an opportunity to show love

Step Three

Just do step two. Push past feelings of insecurity, fear or hesitation and just do it. Don’t let yourself overthink it. The follow through is the hardest part. Be brave and trust God to help you.

Step Four

Share your testimony with me of what happens. Leave a comment below or shoot me an email. But encourage my heart with the goodness of the Lord. He is so faithful to show up when we step out to re-present Him. And I would selfishly love to hear about it!

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