Taking Time in the Midst of Everyday Life

She set a place at the table.
Made a space just for me.
A beautiful spot.
One table setting with her pretty dishes.
A cup and saucer.
A flower in a vase.
Just. For. Me.

Shauna Niequest in her book Savor says, “The darker the season,
the smaller the act required to bring healing.”

Taking Time in the Midst of Everyday Life

I was overwhelmed and she knew it.

She had offered to let Elizabeth Jane come and play for a few hours. And when I was on my way over she asked if I was hungry. They had just eaten and she had some left. She stirred up her unused batter and made me a few pieces of her amazing french toast. She cut me up some fruit and slid me a few pieces of extra crispy bacon. She is a tea drinker but she asked if I would like her to make me some coffee!

Tears pooled in my eyes as I saw al that she had done just for me. She had taken precious time out of her day off.

She was embarrassed she said. She said her house was dirty.
But all I could see was care and concern.

She asked questions.
She let me talk.
She shared comforting words-having been right where I was.

Sometimes we hesitate to extend the invitation.

There’s just too much going on.
The kitchen is a mess.
The laundry is piled up.
My kids may act like……
I am not sure that they would even WANT to visit with me.

We think, “I’ll invite them when ______________.”

But that one hour, or less, where my dear friend made space for me is a safe place in my heart. I will never forget it.

Taking Time in the Midst of Everyday Life

All it took was a little effort.
And she provided an oasis in a storm.

You can be that safe place for another.

Maybe it would look like what Paige did for me.
Or maybe it’s a couple of cups of coffee and some cookies.
It could be glass of lemonade and a porch swing.
Or how about a walk around the block?

A listening ear and a willing heart is really all that is needed.

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