A Prayer for My Husband

Oh God, thank you for my husband!

Remind me of our first days of love. As I get still before You, grow a deep gratitude in my heart for the gift that He is in my life as well as in the lives of our children. Help me to sit here for a few minutes and consider all the gifts he brings to our family. Thank you for him.

Father, draw him nearer to Your heart every day. Help him know and believe that what you say about him is the truth. Open his ears and heart to hear from you. May he hear from You, free of any filter that might get in the way. Let each day of his life on this earth draw him deeper in Your love.

A Prayer for My Husband

Give him courage to lead well. May our family appreciate him and value him. May he grow in wisdom. Give him perfect timing and great insight to speak into our lives. Bless him to see root issues and not get distracted by surface problems. Let peace rule him and may that spill over into our home.

Make us a great team. Bind us together as we work in unity. May not devisions come between us to do damage. Help us to always know that we are for each other and may we never be against each other. If there are areas where we are at odds give us Your wisdom to navigate those rough waters wisely to reach a godly resolution.

Shower him with your favor in his work. Bless him with divine solutions and creative ideas that can only come from You. May these insights grow his love and appreciation for You.

Even as he intentionally works, help him to take time to rest as well. May he be kind to his body and take care of his health. Free him from any performance expectation that could cause him to feel guilty about resting.

May we grow in love for one another. As seasons change may we learn more about each other and value time together. Give us eyes to see something every day that we appreciate about each other. Fine tune our communication.

a Prayer for My Husband

Let the well of our marriage go deep and may we always be completely satisfied to drink only from it. May our intimacy only improve the older we get. May we make no agreement with any lie that has to do with what we can expect about our sexuality as we grow older. You are the Lord over every area of our lives and may we not settle for anything less than your best for us.

Our marriage is a work in progress. We don’t have to figure it our by ourselves. You are so gracious to teach us and guide us every step of the way!

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