Charleston, South Carolina.  Oh be still my heart.  We love this city so much.

For Mary Taylor's graduation trip she asked if the Pendergrass women could take a trip to Charleston.  And the trip started in Augusta to pick up her Aunt Sabrina.  

Check out the amazing way she and her daughter, Ruby, blessed Mary Taylor in Graduation Celebration Augusta-Style. Our trip couldn't have started any sweeter.  

 King Street is a shopper's paradise.  High-end shopping at its best.  Every shop we could possibly think of stretching down King Street for miles. I found the treasures below in an antique store. 


Bonbon servers...just what we all need. I considered purchasing one for a friend.  She decided she would prefer just the bonbons.  


East Boundary was absolutely beautiful!  We saw it by way of Pedicab. The Pedicab ride was the favorite part of our whole trip. We paid two fun guys to drive our tired selves around the city to see what they considered their favorite spots.  We saw parts we would never have seen and it was well worth the money.  Uber works great around the city, but the Pedicab was our favorite transportation.   



On my next trip back to Charleston I will plan ahead.  With about a 3 month notice you can sign up to take a candle making class at Candelfish.  For 45$ you can take a 2 hour class to learn how to make candles. You come away with two homemade candles.  If you don't have time for class you can just go by the shop and see others making candles.  The shop itself is wonderful!


The restaurant choices are amazing.  You just can not mess up with any of them.  We were told by locals that only good restaurants make it.  Charleston is a city for foodies.  The food there was constantly the best food I've ever eaten.  Every single meal was wonderful.  So I have decided to highlight a few.  (And try at least one rooftop restaurant while you are there.)

Stars--try the scallops or the duck.
Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts--raspberry donuts
Obstinate Daughters on Sullivan Island the H.E.C. Croissant breakfast sandwich (pictured)
Poogan's Porch-was our Pedicab friend's local suggestion. 

Be forewarned.  Everyone takes reservations and they fill up quickly.  BUT they almost all take walk-ins as well.  We could not get a reservation for Poogan's Porch but we walked up at 7:30 and they put us on the list and we only had to wait 45 minutes.  On my second trip I will go ahead and make whatever reservation we can get (just to have a back-up), but will definitely try the walk-in option as well.  


This trip was a huge win. We ate like queens and then walked the calories off shopping on King Street.  What more could a gal ask for? It was such a blessing to get to spend a great time in an amazing city with these wonderful women celebrating Mary Taylor's graduation!