December Fun for Kids

I am always on the lookout for fun ideas to discuss baby Jesus more and more.  This year I found a new one at a holiday mart.  

Mary Taylor and I were shopping and came across The Yellow Canary booth.   We had stopped to look at face glitter…something Elizabeth Jane would love.   As we were considering this glitter Mary Taylor noticed something we had never seen before.

Fun with kids in December

It is called “Away in a Manger” by Musee.  

Inside the one box were 6 beautifully colored bath bombs and a manger scene backdrop. 

This is how it works. As the child uses these colorful balm in the bath he/she discovers, hidden inside, a piece of the manger scene.  Every single bath ball has a different piece. So every one is a special surprise. Some even have 2 surprises.

I consider showing you some pics of our nativity…but that is cheating. (I actually give you a sneak peak on our Instagram Story.) The fun is in the discovery of these sweet little nativity pieces as they come out in the bath.


Elizabeth Jane was absolutely so excited using the first two.  We usually have to insist on a bath and she is asking to take one now. “Away in a Manger” is a win/win in our home!  We can continue the on-going conversation about Jesus coming to the earth as a baby AND our youngest is getting clean!

This would make a great present for a child to use even after the holidays. This box set would be a great way to continue the conversation about Jesus’ birth even when 25th of December has past. It is so fun to give gifts that they get excited about using!

If you live in our area you can head on over to 310 Rosemont and check out The Yellow Canary!

And may your children be sparkling clean for Christmas!

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