Prayers to Pray For You and Your Family

Did you read this title and get excited? Did hope rise within you?

Or did you feel a bit exasperated as you consider all the prayers you have already prayed for your family over all these years? Have you become frustrated and maybe, if you are totally honest, you have become offended at the Lord for what He hasn’t done yet?

Recognizing where we are in the journey and being honest with ourselves about our feelings can be a huge game-changer. I want to be honest with you. I wasn’t honest with myself for a long time. I was offended with the Lord. There were prayers that I had diligently prayed for years and had not seen a breakthrough. I was angry and bitter.

Prayers for You and Your Family

Offense builds walls. Offense that we ignore (no matter how well we hide it from ourselves and others) puts up barriers between us and the Lord. They are not walls He builds.

I repented out loud (humbling myself) for being offended with the One who paid such a high price so that I would forever have a relationship with Him.

In my situation I was ultimately saying that I had the best idea for my people and I was consistently praying it. I was accusing God of not caring as much as me or for having more important things going on than what I was talking about.

This is not our good Father. He loves us and cares about every single thought we have or word we say. I didn’t know Him.

I also prayed, “Forgive me for the lies I have believed about You.”

And I prayed and continue to pray, “Father help me know how much You love me. Give me eyes to see and ears to hear You.”

Prayers for You and Your Family

If you are standing in circumstances that you have been praying about for years I want to suggest something. Consider the person, or people, you have been praying for one at a time. Think about that one person and ask the Lord to show you what He thinks about him or her. By the way, what the Lord shows you will not have one shred of guilt or condemnation in it because guilt and condemnation aren’t from the Lord. It will be a word that brings life and it will be encouraging, edifying or comforting. These attributes are from the Lord. Write it down so that you will remember. And begin to pray that very thing God said for them. Turn it into a prayer, a declaration. For example: I thank you God that you see __________ like ____________. She is yours. You created her. And I thank you that she is going to begin to see herself in this way too.

Now for all of you rescuers out there.
This is not for you to begin to try and fix your loved one.
(Stop now and order Danny Silk’s book called Keep Your Love On. It is transformational.)

You have been given this encouragement for your heart and for you to pray.
This is about you beginning to see that person the way the Lord sees her.
This is about changing you…not you changing her.
Only the Holy Spirit can do that job.

Are you thinking, “But I don’t need changing, she does?”
If you are trying to fix her you are placing yourself right in the spot of the Holy Spirit.
If you will kindly step out of the way He can get about His business.
But as long as you are standing there trying to fix your family He isn’t needed.

If you have placed yourself in the spot that only the Lord belongs then it may be time to repent.

Let Him know you are sorry and ask Him to help you step out of the way.

I am praying this is reformational and that you feel the freedom that comes with this shift. YOU are not the fixer! Stop and thank the Lord right now. You can’t do it. You are free. Does that mean they are fixed…no?

But it does mean that you are now free to do all that you really are created to do…but couldn’t do before because you were trying to do God’s job.

So this is where we being the new year. A fresh new outlook. Welcome to the new…and get excited! It’s going to be wonderful. I look forward to more conversations that are to come.

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