Are Interruptions Good or Bad?

I don't know about you, but I am not always good at interruptions.  It is ironic that I am not, because my life consists of interruption after interruption.  Rarely do I complete one single thought-in its entirety that I am not interrupted. 

(What does that do to a person's brain over long periods of time?)  

I am even noting: I interrupted myself now.  

Homeschooling our children is not a neat and tidy job. It’s living life in constant tension of helping one while 3 others are waiting.  It often feels like a traffic jam.  

“Momma.  But momma.  I just need...” They want their needs met.  Right away.

Kid interruptions are tricky…sometimes we are needed for very real struggles. We get to demonstrate the love of the Father and show them that they are seen and heard.

But on the other hand, we also need to recognize the we can accidentally end up raising very selfish children if we teach them that we only live to fulfill their every desire. One human being does not exist only to meet the needs of another.

Are interruptions Good or Bad?

The Bible is full of interruptions...

Moses did not anticipate the burning bush.  
Gideon was trying to hide and thresh some grain when the angel showed up to him.  
Noah "build a boat!" Totally unexpected to say the least.  
Joshua must have been shocked when God interrupted his large army and totally changed the plans.  
David was taking care of the sheep and his entire life changed with one interruption from Samuel.

And then there is Jesus.  

His entire life was one huge interruption.  Even His arrival was an interruption of sorts.  Everyone expected a powerful King of great wealth and influence.  An innocent, vulnerable baby...NEVER.  Totally off the radar.  

His water-to-wine miracle was a welcomed interruption.  
He busted up a fishing trip to call James and John.  
He stormed into the temple and interrupted the people who were misrepresenting the Father.  
He interrupted funerals and raised the dead.  
He walking unexpectedly to the Pool of Bethesda and started healing people.  
Even his death was an interruption.  

In each and every one of these stories the Lord was glorified and people were drawn closer to the heart of the Father. They came away better.

Are Interruptions good or bad?

Jesus understood interruptions.  

He welcomed them. When the little children wanted to come to Him, He stopped what He was doing and called them to Himself.  When the lame man was lowered through the ceiling (talk about breaking line) Jesus didn't lecture him about waiting his turn.  

When He was talking and eating at a meal Mary interrupted, wanting to wash His feet with her expensive perfume.  He praised her interruption. 

People would yell at Him while he was walking down the road and He would stop.  He was mourning the loss of his cousin, John the Baptist, and the people were interrupting.  For pete's sake, He could not get anything done without an interruption.  

I complain about even being interrupted when trying to go to the bathroom…I bet they interrupted Him then too.


So how did He do it?  

He was full of compassion for people and their needs.  He was here to change lives and not to complete an agenda.  He saw the bigger picture.  And He focused on loving the one in front of Him.  

Could it be that He wanted us to see that even in His hardest times He was willing to welcome interruptions because He came to represent His Father who is full of love for us.  He could go to His Father at any time and with any need…this was His experience of the good Father.

Now it also needs to be said that there were ones who came intentionally to distract Jesus. The ones who insisted that he do miracles for them…he refused. He did not just go along with everything people wanted. He used discernment. There are some who would suck the very life out of us if we let them. These are interruptions that are not from Him. Navigating the difference is so important.

Jesus didn't just welcome interruptions while he was on earth, He welcomes them today.  He sits beside the Father now.  When we need Him, He is "ever ready to make intercession on our behalf."   We can go to Him at any time and with any issue.

These interruptions to our day can actually turn out to be some of the greatest blessings of our lives!

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