5 Ways to Create a Peaceful Home This Christmas

Janelle Esker is one of our dear friends at Gathering Around. She has blessed us before with her article Dig a Hole to China. And her website The Peaceful Haven is such a blessing to me personally!

Janelle, thank you for sharing with us and for constantly taking ground for the Kingdom!

5 Ways to Create a Peaceful Home This Christmas
Janelle Esker

I love the word idyllic, don't you?

I spent years wearing myself out trying to create the idyllic (perfect) Christmas experience, food, and decor for my family.  My desire was to make the holiday special, memorable and bless my family.  All good things, right? I began to dread the Christmas season because I was too tired and overwhelmed to soak in the sacred meaning of Jesus birth or to enjoy my family. It only took about a decade of trying this absolutely exhausting pursuit for me to change.

I've traded idyllic for peaceful.

5 Ways to Create a Peaceful Home this Christmas

When I get off track my habit is to head to the Bible and study. Digging for the truth in God's word brings peace to my soul.  I went to two passages in Scripture Luke 2 and Matthew 1 and wrote down all the words that the Holy Spirit directed me to.

  • fear not

  • great joy

  • praising God

  • Savior

  • glory to God

  • peace

  • wonder

  • treasured

  • Immanuel = God is with us

5 Ways to Create a Peaceful Home This Christmas

 5 Ways To Create A Peaceful Home This Christmas

PRAY      Set aside a time to pray and talk with God about what He wants for you and your family this Christmas season.  Then, go and talk with your spouse about it.  Being intentional about Christmas will alleviate most of the chaos and replace it with clarity.  You will be able to approach every opportunity that comes your way with peace.

CHRIST-CENTERED     Make the Prince of Peace the center of all your Christmas traditions and activities.     When you do this you obviously eliminate a whole lot of activities and traditions that are available to your family and can steal your focus and peace.  It is time to celebrate our Savior, and celebrations can be fun and peaceful at the same time.

PREPARE     Start today, double your dinner recipes, double batches of cookies and side dishes and put the extra dish in the freezer so when family and friends stop over unexpectedly or you have a Christ-centered family activity you need to head out the door for.  You are at peace and ready to experience the wonder of the season.

WONDER     As you approach the birth of Christ don't forget to slow down and absorb the wonder of Christmas.  The virgin birth is miraculous, the winter sky lovely, the angels from heaven are wonderous!  For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.  -  Isaiah 9:6

SIMPLIFY      What things, activities, circumstances drive you crazy about Christmas?  Don't forget that what you think and feel is important.  God wants you to be able to actively participate in worshiping the King of Kings this season.  Take a look at your schedule, preferences, traditions, and simplify the ones you want to keep or participate in.  For example, all our family is local.  It was important to my husband and I that we celebrate Christmas alone as a family.  So the day before Christmas Eve we celebrate with just our children.  In the beginning, when the kids were young, I would slave away cooking an elaborate meal.  Inevitably, I was so busy running around making sure everything was picture perfect I burnt the meal.  I actually, burnt it three years running.  I decided to simplify!  Now, part of our family tradition of celebrating Jesus's birthday is ordering pizza. They are sure Jesus would appreciate pizza as much as they do.

 Wishing you a VERY PEACEFUL Christmas!

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