Welcome to Recipes


Recipes are one of the best tools to have in your tool belt for gathering. Easy to use and execute, tried and true recipes you can trust to be delicious every time.  

"Queen Of the Potluck" will be introducing some of the best cooks and their best recipes that have kept people lining up in church fellowship halls for years.  Click on the "Queen of the Potluck"blog to meet our favorite cooks...may their lives and recipes bless you like they have blessed so many others.  Choose one of their recipes and bring the wow-factor to your next potluck.

"Friends and Favorites" (which will be coming soon) will introduce some of our friends as they will share their family's favorite recipes.  We want to introduce you to some of our favorite people (who are also gatherers) and glean tips from them about successful gatherings. 

From intimate settings to large gatherings we have what you need!  May cooking never be a impediment to your gatherings again!

In days to come we look forward to bringing you many more exciting cooking options! This is all a work in progress...but isn't most of life.  This journey really is going to be so much fun!