A Spontaneous Summer Surprise

Have you ever met somebody and instantly known you wanted to be his/her friend? 

Diana Daughterty is one of those people for me.  We met through a mutual friend at a church conference.  I was there for the main conference and our dear friend Stacey said, "I have somebody I want you to meet...you will LOVE her."  Stacey was so right.  

When I met Diana she was heading out of the main conference beaming.  She was going to lead the children in their own conference.  She is not a hang-your-head children's pastor who is outwardly and inwardly wishing she could be with the big people.  This woman was called to kids and she was about to give them the best time ever!  She obviously knows her good Father and she was about to introduce these kids to Him.

I want to be like her when I grow up.  She is silly and fun.  Often wears her hair in pig tails and shares video testimonies from her children's ministry using crazy face filters.  

But she is also deep and bold.  She represents a loving Dad to others with precision and intention.  Thank goodness for her refreshing uniqueness.  A beauty all the way through. 

Diana Daughterty
A Spontaneous Summer Surprise

One of my fondest summer memories is from growing up on a farm in Ohio. On a particularly hot summer day, in the small Amish town, dark clouds rolled in. It was a grand summer rain. Most kids were afraid, but I was never afraid of the storms. 

And this one was special. There was no lightning- just rain. 

So Mom got spontaneous ( probably from the heat) and told us to get naked and run outside. I remember using my little five year old brain to remind mom of all the reasons (that she had originally taught us) as to ‘why we don’t do things like that’ including: our house facing a semi busy country road.

A Spontaneous Summer Surprise

She smiled and said, “You’re right. But this rain is special, and nobody is going to be driving in this. So let’s do it!” 

And we did. 

My brother and I blissfully frolicked naked in the summer shower of a lifetime in our sweet front yard in the Amish countryside of small town Ohio. We ran circles around the beds of Black-eyed Susans. We screamed as we chased each other. We watched the road and playfully hid from any brave driving car. We played. In the rain. Naked. With permission to break more rules than my little brain could compute.

A Spontaneous Summer Surprise

When the rain stopped we breathed deep the steam from the ground dropping in temperature. It felt like everything was sighing in relief, all at once. Then we laughed and took a secret picture to document the outward moment of inward freedom we lived from. 

I think I learned something that day.

Rules are great, and they’re usually built to protect something valuable. 
But every once in a while, the rules don’t apply, and there’s a special covering to be fully “naked” and free from rules. That day I gained a little brain’s understanding and value for both making and breaking rules. And I did it with fun, with mud, and with my family. 

Happy Summer y’all!

You will not be surprised to find out that Diana is a Children's Pastor.  She works at Bethel Church in Redding, CA.   

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