A Fun Family

I met Derek McClardy at our dining room table and felt like we had been friends all our lives.  Some people may find this funny, but our dinners often are folks our friends invite.  This meal our dear friend Nolan wanted us to meet his friend Derek.  I will forever be grateful.

Derek's smile is contagious and his heart for the Lord is so apparent in all he does.  He has an amazing ability to put people at ease.  We truly felt as if we were talking to an old friend.  I know that the college students at his church are throwing off their masks right and left as they spend time with Derek.

It's our honor at Gathering Around for Derek to share these memories.  He is a busy man.  Newly married...


He and his wife are a blessing in so many ways.  Derek also has a website you can check out here. He is and artist/worship leader and you can check out his music here!  If all of that weren't enough, he is part of a youtube channel that you can subscribe to (here) and be SUPER encouraged.  

Derek McClardy
Fun For the Entire Family

My favorite summer memory has always been our yearly family reunion! The second week of July every year 90-150 of my extended family gets together to celebrate life and another year of being together.


Historically we always did it in Alabama, but in 2004 we decided we were going to try to explore all 50 states! We haven’t accomplished this goal but we are well on the way.


At our family reunion we have 4 “legends” and these oldest living members of the family in which everyone at the reunion is an off spring of. I can remember just sitting at my grandmas feet as she shared stories with me about my ancestors. Sharing stories about staying strong in the face of adversity, or relying on your community and your family through life.


My family reunions were such a picture of the gospel to me! It was so many didn’t part of the body that would come from Delaware, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, California, etc. to come and be together for one purpose, and that was to say I love you, I enjoy you, and I'm here for you.  We always have a talent show every year and I’m pretty sure thats the first time I ever played guitar in front of people!

Realizing all that Derek does in the area of music it is super encouraging that his family reunions were where he got his start.  Who knows what gifts could some out of your family reunions.  My mothers extended family used to go to a yearly family reunion every fall.  Some of the patriarchs would make homemade stew...I hope to be sharing this recipe in the fall.  

Also, this is an opportunity for you to check out...this is an event that will not disappoint!  Derek McClardy and Nolan Huber from Better Story Collective are putting on this event in Anniston, Alabama.  It is:

A weekend for students to worship, grow, and serve together.
• Multi-Denominational
• Multi-Cultural
• Engaging Worship
• Relevant Teaching
• Hands-On Mission Work
• Entertainment

Click here to check out their event. 

Want to check out Derek's music? Click here.