Chase the Bubbles, Drink the Kool-Aid

Our first author for the new summer series is Brooke Perkins Pearson from Babbling Brooke blog. It has been my privilege to know Brooke since she was in high school.  (To be truthful she was in the very first Bible study my friend, Virginia and I ever taught--and don't be asking how long ago that was!)  

Brooke is one of those amazing women who is beautiful inside and out.  Her writings are inspirational and encouraging. This post personally gave me challenges for this summer with my family! You're just going to love it!

If your a mom with kiddos or a grandparent with precious grandkids (or you are just someone who loves to hangout with children) this post is for you! 

 Summer is quickly approaching and I have found myself making mental lists of things I want to accomplish with my kids while school is out and time is on our side.  If you are like me there is nothing more exciting than the thought of June and summer days after a crazy busy month of May.  I have many things I want us to accomplish and experience while school is out.  On our agenda is weekly famers market visits, reviewing school work, watering our garden beds, Vacation Bible School, pool days with friends, vacation to the beach, lemonade stands and long evening walks once dad gets home from work.  I really could go on and on with all the things I want to accomplish with my kids over the summer.  

      When I stop to think about the one tradition I myself loved as a kid and something I love to do with my kids the answer is easy...nothing! That's right I said nothing.  The best days of my summers; both as a child and an adult are the days with no agenda that turn into days full of smiles, sunshine, sweet treats and memories galore! Right now I am stock piling for my nothing days.  I have a bin in the top of my pantry that is so high up the kids can't see it and only I know of its contents.  When at the dollar store or Target I occasionally buy bubbles, sidewalk chalk, packets of Koolaid, sprinkles for decorating cookies and anything else random that I come across.

Chase the Bubbles, Drink the Kool-Aid

      On a mundane summer day I sneak to my stash and break out some of my fun surprises and we center our day around those things.  One other important rule of these nothing days is that I have to participate in everything along with my kids.  So there is no me sending them outside with a new pack of bubbles while I do laundry.  Instead it is me lacing up my tennis shoes and going in the backyard with them, each of us taking turns blowing bubbles while the rest of us take turns chasing the bubbles.  One thing I love about this is giggles always ensue.  There is something magical for a kid to see their parent being childlike.  

        Later, once the bubbles are used up and we are hot and sweaty we will go inside and make Koolaid together.  I will grab a blanket and spread it over the grass and with a bowl of popcorn and cold glasses of Koolaid we will lay back on the blanket and look at the sky. 

Chase the Bubble, Drink the Kool-Aid

It is in moments like this where we are all looking at the same exact sky I get to find out just how different and intricate my children are.  I will ask them what they see and they will answer me very differently.  I will ask them what they love most about being outside or what they love most about our family.  Literally nothing overly thought out just organic questions that naturally pop into my mind in that moment.  Their answers will lead me to know them even more, to understand them even more.  My questions will lead them to asking me questions and our bond will grow stronger just by having this mundane day and taking time to lay on a pallet, drinking Koolaid and conversing about nothing and anything.  

         That night after everyone is tucked into bed I will lay my head down and smile at the thought of the mundane day that turned into one of the most spectacular days of the summer.  I will close my eyes and thank God for bubbles and Koolaid and for these precious souls he has entrusted me with.  I will thank Him for the mundane day that lead me to know my kids a little more and my heart to grow bigger with love and understanding of them.  May we all take time this summer to have just one mundane day!

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